Cuban advisors are exiting Venezuela en masse

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Por: Kenneth Rijock · Publicado el 17/11/2013


Ramp Four* (Rampa Cuatro) at Venezuela’s Simón Bolívar Maiquetia International Airport, formerly the gate through which the late President Hugo Chávez Frías flew on his personal aircraft, has seen a huge increase in outbound traffic.Who is leaving the country ? A very large number of Cuban nationals, who were posted and stationed in Venezuela, but are now returning home. What does that tell you about the political and economic conditions inside Venezuela ?

Cubana Airlines flight are extremely busy transporting Cubans back to Havana. Given that there can be no departures without official Cuban travel orders, this exodus of advisors, bureaucrats, intelligence officers posing as doctors, teachers, bona fide medical staff, and sundry police and military liaison officers, means that Havana is losing confidence in the Maduro administration’s ability to stay in power. Cuba, which was caught flatfooted when US troops invaded Grenada in 1983, and lost 120,000 troops in Angola,** may be reducing the size of its nationals inside Venezuela, because it fears a regime change, and does want some of its more valuable nationals arrested, or harmed, should an anti-Chavista government come to power.

The Caracas-Havana milk run

This is the first sign that Cuba has recognized that the Venezuelan regime is unstable, and could fall. Country Risk should be increased accordingly; if you do not already consider it to be high, increase your rating, and minimize your financial exposure immediately, wherever possible.
* Ramp Four is an independent area with no customs facility, and does not operate under the orders of the airport’s Control Tower. This arrangement allows foreign nationals, such as from Iran & Syria, to enter without any formal record of their arrival in-country. It is known that Hezbollah Latin America cadre entered here, carrying Lebanese and Syrian passports; they later acquired Venezuelan Cédulas (national identity cards) and passports, through the cooperation and assistance of Venezuelan government agencies.
** The Castro regime in Cuba never publicly revealed the loss of life, and classified that information, so that the public would be ignorant of the fiasco.


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